About Sergey Krayev

Sergey Krayev is a Moldovan who immigrated with his family to the United States from Russia. He had already started schooling when they moved and settled in Buffalo, NY, to pursue the American dream. Despite having lived in the US for decades, he writes and speaks fluent Russian. While growing up, Sergey Krayev found that upstate New York was not suitable for achieving his dreams, so he decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia, where he has been living for many years. He is married and loves his family and friends.

Sergey Krayev studied for his Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication management at DeVry University, where he graduated with a distinctive 3.75 GPA in the year 2000. After working and gaining experience as a project manager for five years, he enrolled for the Stanford Advanced Project Management Program at Stanford University. The program increased his project management knowledge since he managed projects and initiatives of different magnitudes.

Currently, he resides with his family in Johns Creek, Georgia. He had lived in various places in the past. For instance, he had been a resident of Roswell and Marietta, Georgia. He has been serving as the managing director of Partnership Network from 2014. The organization is situated in the Greater region of Atlanta. The goals of Partnership Network include developing channels for marketing global partnerships with interests in the tech start-up segment that offers program analytics, optimizations, and developing and enforcing the go-to-market strategy. He was responsible for developing global partnership marketing channels and supervising the tech start-up department.

Moreover, since 2014, Sergey Krayev has been the serving vice president of Strategic Development at Vertical LLC. in Alpharetta, Georgia. This is a rapidly growing company that specializes in Multifamily revamping across the southern US. The firm specializes in both exterior and interior renovations. Many projects of the company are situated within Atlanta and its environs. The responsibilities of Sergey Krayev at Vertical LLC. included asset management supervision, engineering and design (in support of development initiatives), and marketing program development.

For close to two years (May 2014 to June 2016), he served as the Strategic Advisor at Clickagy. Clickagy is a third-party firm that provides digital marketing and analytics data that takes advantage of proprietary, revolutionary artificial intelligence. During his term as a director of online marketing and eCommerce at Sage between February 2013 and May 2014, he was responsible for developing business strategies across North America, optimizing operations, and developing marketing programs.

Sergey Krayev served as the head of e-marketing and e-commerce at Mizuno corporation between June 2011 to December 2012. The company and its partners produce and market sporting items. He had various duties at Mizuno Corporation, including promoting initiatives that enhanced e-commerce tactics to increase sales and improve the online user experience, developing initiatives to launch products and managing programs of promotional collaboration with affiliates such as Amazon, Zappos, and Running Warehouse, etc., establishing the implementation and integration of CRM across all the activities of the business (e.g. online registration of products, e-commerce, and activities of territory managers), and developing marketing drives to promote the deployment of new products and to boost adoption by online users.

While at Kimberly-Clark between 2008 to August 2011, he worked as the Global Interactive Manager, a post at which he was responsible for the managing paid search, SEO/SEM techniques to boost Kimberly-Clark web properties user traffic, developing and executing Global B2B interactive marketing approach in different platforms for products, enforcing strong online communication techniques through the use of effective emailing practices (generating leads and communication techniques), and incorporating social media communication techniques to promote the ongoing marketing drives to improve the brand positioning of Kimberly-Clark.

It is said that a man’s ambitions are his measure; for the past 20 years, Sergey Krayev has helped enterprises develop brand presence and achieve their goals. Undoubtedly, Sergey Krayev is a success story. Contact Sergey Krayev if you want to see a surprising success in your business. He will be your guide through the challenging responsibility of ensuring your business succeeds. Since he has vast experience in management and leadership, he has developed an approach that will empower your brand and provide your business with the necessary tools for success.

Although many individuals prefer working alone, Sergey Krayev believes that working with a committed team member will benefit your business more as opposed to working alone. Besides, he worked with teams to be successful. If you consult him regarding your business, you will have an easy path to success. He will be using his experience to simplify your journey by helping you identify disparities and opportunities. Additionally, he will provide you a complete report of the findings and project plans with time schedules for cost analysis. He will customize the project plans depending on your business for quick and smooth success, and it does not matter whether your business is just starting or it is an established, he will help you create a brand that resonates with your clients. Experience is the best tool that Sergey Krayev brings to your business.
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